This coaching programme (usually 6-12 sessions) follows theory and research based coaching model that has been enhanced through experiences of coaching managers within corporate and publicly funded company’s. The coaching process uses a client and solution-focused approach to developing potential and increasing skills and ability through:


– Clear development goal setting activities
– Use of motivational interviewing and challenging questioning techniques to build self-awareness
– Reflective practice and space to formulate and explore ideas, changes and new perspectives
– Use of assessment tools and techniques to develop insight
– Creation of a structured twelve month continuous professional development plan


The programme benefits and outcomes include but not limited to the following:

– Increased confidence and ability in leading and managing high performing teams
– Increased awareness of leadership styles and communication preferences
– Ability to manage and lead change and transformational activities
– Effective problem-solving and decision making ability
– Increased positive performance outcomes with a business focus
– A focus on people development and a coaching culture


All Clarify Coaching programme packages provided can be delivered face to face, telephone and video calling and specific resources provided are included as part of the programme rate.