Specifically designed for those in mid to senior level management and business owners who want to develop their professional and personal life in a challenging but supportive environment.


Common areas of coaching topics include:
– Navigating employee, customer and partnership relationships
– Managing performance, change and transition
– Exploring emotional reactions and thinking ‘blocks’ that impact on personal growth.


Providing bespoke and confidential individual coaching programme packages ranging from six-twelve sessions. Delivering tailored approaches to meet your personal and professional development needs; creating a space for you to learn more about yourself, reflect on current challenges, setting and achieving meaningful goals for your self and your business.


The coaching processes is client-centred and client-led however, we will use the Clarify Coaching model, tools and techniques to support you in moving towards positive changes such as:

– Skilled questioning and challenging conversations
– Goal setting techniques and motivational measures
– Self-diagnostic professional styles assessments and analysis


Clarify Individual Coaching outcomes include:
– Developing strong self-awareness and sense personal responsibility
– Confidence in approaching and managing life’s challenges, changes and opportunities
– Goal creation and action achievement
– Personal and professional growth


All Clarify Coaching programme packages provided can be delivered face to face, telephone and video calling and specific resources provided are included as part of the programme rate.