Client Testimonials


 “Coaching has helped me to dig deeper and process what I really want to do and identify what my ultimate goal would be in my career; what makes me happy. I have been able to streamline my career goals with what is important to me in my life overall. I have also become more focused in the sense that my goals are aligned with real life actions that I can set in place. Coaching is usually my only time to “take in everything” that is going on in my career. I have also been able to attack some of the issues that I am having at work in a manner that helps me cope better and understand how to work with an issue I can’t control versus working against it. Being able to express myself in an environment that will not be critical has been vital during this process. Simone makes me feel very comfortable and although my thought process may be sporadic she does not make me feel like I am crazy.
I have been able to realize that work/life balance is important to me and that I have to find a way to make both work or one may suffer. I have learned to apply skills that I use at work at home to help me manage better. Simone is able to identify common denominators in my situation or goals which help me to assess why they keep arising and what that means.” ~Client MA, Program Manager/Grant Writer


 “I began working with Simone very early into my first management role. From the first session, I found her friendly, approachable and easy to relate to. You can feel that she has a genuine interest in her clients, as she was quick to remember things that had happened weeks previous.
Through working with her I made noticeable improvements in my confidence and decision making ability, which were two goals of mine from the first session. More importantly, I learned to trust my own abilities and embrace my own leadership style through her reassurance and positive feedback. On our final session, I was happy to see how well my achievements matched the goals I set out to accomplish. My team felt the benefits of this and I can see a real difference in the team’s approach from the changes I made.
I would recommend Simone to new and experienced managers alike. Not only did I learn about management and leadership, but I also learned a great deal about myself as a person.” ~ Client CS, Senior Administration Manager