Clarify Coaching Services is committed to the professional development of individuals, public influencers and organisations. All of the services follow the CLARIFY Coaching Model©; developed using proven researched based coaching, mentoring, cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing techniques; designed to support clients in building insight and awareness to unlock their potential in order to obtain success on their own term. The model uses the following components and behaviours to ensure best outcomes for you:


 Contracting and Collaborating

The first part of any Clarify coaching programme is to collaborate in developing a contract/agreement that works best for you (the client) and is achievable within the coaching process. We then collaborate throughout our time together to support your goal creation and plan to achieve them.


 Listening and Learning

The process for ensuring that your words and vision can become a reality as well as working with you to learn more about your self and factors impacting on growth.


 Awareness Building and Acceptance

Requiring a commitment by you (the client) and your coach to be open and honest. Be prepared to learn things that you may not have known or thought about yourself; the good, bad and ugly to assist you in moving forward with a sense of acceptance, awareness of self and of others in your life.

Reflecting and Responsibility

Reflective practice is the basis for building self awareness and personal responsibility over your life decisions and attitudes.

Insights and Innovative

Insights are the observations and learning that impact your growth. The Clarify Coaching Model© creates a space of reflection, exploration and experiment in a safe and confidential environment to allow you to develop key insights for change through innovative thinking; taking you out of your comfort zone.


Formation of Goals and Feedback

Clients are encouraged to explore their learning needs and formulate goals to further develop and grow throughout the programme cycle and with that comes feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is a pivotal component of the coaching process and is a skill in itself. An openness from you and your coach to receive feedback supports not only your growth but also increases the richness of the coaching relationship.


Year Ahead and Your Evaluation

The Clarify Coaching Model© has been designed because of a passion for people development and therefore continuous professional development is a part of the commitment by your Coach and encouraged for you, the Client. At the end of every Clarify Coaching programme you will have a clear set of success goals and a plan to achieve them. This consolidates the achievements and success of the programme and solidifies the Client’s plan for success. This is defined by you and therefore every Continued Success Plan will be unique and tailor made in collaboration with your Coach. Evaluating outcomes is the final but just as vital part of the CLARIFY Coaching Model©.

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