Specifically designed for you if you are widely known and/or of great popular interest.


Navigating life can be challenging in itself but when you share your life with the public this can add a layer of isolation and difficulty at times. Holding a position of authority and maintaining  industry expectations can fill you with fear and even block you from becoming the best version of yourself. The many demands from the industry that you love and the personal life you want to lead can be conflicting and leave you with the many life questions that you may not have the time to fully understand let alone answer. The need for a confidential space to reflect on these very things are especially required in your field.


Common areas of coaching topics include:
– Navigating industry expectations and personal life choices
– Managing the changes and demands of the success and its impact
– Exploring emotional reactions and thinking ‘blocks’ that impact on personal/professional growth.


The Clarify Influencer coaching programmes provide you with a solution focused, unbiased and confidential sessions to explore, reflect and develop your personal goals with your vision of success at the forefront; using the Clarify Coaching Model, tools and techniques to support you in moving towards personal and professional growth such as:

– Skilled questioning and challenging deepened conversations
– Goal setting techniques and motivational measurement tools
– Objective and non-judgemental feedback to support success

Clarify Influencer Coaching outcomes include:

– Developing personal insights and self awareness
– Creating your personal plan for success in your terms
– Building confidence in approaching the big challenges of your industry.


All Clarify Coaching programme packages provided can be delivered face to face, telephone and video calling and specific resources provided are included as part of the programme rate.